Emotional Wellness Video Curriculum


Our video curriculum supports the facilitator by making it easy to simply press play and practice alongside students or clients so everyone can gain calm and focus simultaneously.

Curriculum Includes:

24 videos: Deep breathing, mindfulness, and guided imagery. Option to engage in mindful movement or practice in a seated position

4 brain videos: How mindfulness practices impact the prefrontal cortex and amygdala

6 partner activities: Learning to work together using mindful communication

16 guided relaxations: Using the imagination to create a safe and happy place

Each video is approximately five minutes and shares a different breath and mindfulness technique, closing with a restful guided relaxation. The videos help participants calm the nervous system and build tools for stress resilience. No training required!

Each video:

→ is approximately five minutes in duration.

→ can be done in a seated position or participants can engage in mindful movement.

→ is easy to use. No prep or training required.

→ is designed for all bodies and all minds.

→ requires no need to rearrange your space.

Research shows that practicing the videos 3 times a week for 8 weeks helps increase focus and compassion + decrease anxiety and aggressive behavior.

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